I remember you…


I remember you.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Sometime we must return to the beginning. To find the missing person in the mirror looking back."

  I remember you….


The summer days were long.
The splendor of the blue skies and the bright sun.
Beckon us to the sea.

The heat of hot days.
Thaw our cold hearts.
The beauty of Monterey coastline.
Purify the sadness and losses of living.

I remember you.
Waiting for me on the sand.
You called me the laughing Poet.
A fugitive and faithful friend.

You were my sanctuary and imperfect Angel.

Your blue eyes would watch the waves dance on the shore for hours.
Allowing the Pacific Ocean to erode layers of disappointment away.

I would bring wine and bread.
You would bring the tequila.
You sipped it slowly out of the bottle.
We never wallows in old dreams.
We recanted new great…

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