Daily Dose for the Soul

Be Inspired..!!

The moments of your life, which you spend being happy and joyful and allowing yourself to be fully alive and on purpose, are the times when you’re aligned with the all-creating universal mind of intention.

There’s nothing natural about living a life filled with stress and anxiety, having feelings of despair and depression, and needing pills to tranquilize yourself. Agitated thoughts that produce high blood pressure, a nervous stomach, persistent feelings of discomfort, an inability to relax or sleep, and frequent displays of displeasure and outrage are violating your natural state. Believe it or not, you have the power to create the naturally stress-free and tranquil life you desire. You can utilize this power to attract frustration or joy, anxiety or peace. When you’re in harmony with the seven faces of intention, you can access and pull from the Source of all in order to fulfill your intention of being…

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