Wild as the wind- Poem twelve for April.

Come enjoy the verses, the song and THE ART!!


Wild as the wind….

I told her. I need more of your kisses, I need more of your poetry verses by the sea. I needed you yesterday, I need you today and I need you evermore..

You are my Spring blessing, my Summer love and My Fall joy. When you dance barefoot on the soft sand of the Monterey beach, I know. Love is a careless child. Cannot be owned and when received. A honored gift.

You are wild as the wind, free as the dancing sea. I love your lily white skin, I love you my delicious water nymph who can make me smile. In your eyes, they steal me away into unknown pleasures I shall know. You whispered to me. Come live with me and be my lover. Let’s find a quiet place where the sound of our heartbeat, is all we can hear. We need the sea near…

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Bella Luna- Poem thirteen for April.


Bello Luna…

The majestic sky is above us. The million stars shining like diamonds in the sky and you and I. We are adoring the rising moon. I told her. I told Bella Luna a secret tonight, I whispered to the western wind. I love you my dear Marcella, you are my mischievous gal with bright emerald eyes and the kindest heart. You make the goddess of the sea smile when you dance bare-ass. Drink the tequila and sing to the Pacific.

She whispered, shall we dance? We had enough words today. Let’s know silence and listen to the sea. I brought her closer and I smell  luscious places and erotic flowers in her hair. I told her. You are right dear Marcella. Every poem is a epitaph of love. We need more dance, more kisses and longer nights. We need to find place where our hands and finger interlace…

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Lilac wine…


Image result for lilac tree

Image result for lilac wine

Lilac wine….

Pretty pictures are left now and now you are gone. I sit by the lilac trees and I’m smelling the lavender in the air. You were my Spring love, my Summer delight.

You and I. We loved the Summer sun and the sea. I remember you laying by the sea. Your sun-kissed skin tender and brown. Tempting smile and your perfect body blessing the sky and the clouds. Rolling curves of beautiful body leading to dangerous wishes and a thousand kisses.

You gave me kind words and you told me. Pour the Lilac wine dear Johnnie. Summer is ending and I shall leave soon, but dear Johnnie. Our love is like the Lilac tree. I will see you in the Spring. The Fall and the cold Winter will make us yearn for the sea and for more lilac wine.

I drink the lilac wine and I pray for…

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Tuesday’s Thoughts!


Nuggets of Gold


That moment when you are on the phone to a store needing to know where they are, when you realize they are diagonally across the street from where you are parked. I know there has to be someone on here that can identify with me on this, right? I hope you aren’t lost today, and glad that you found your way here. Enjoy the quotes and let me know your favorite/favorites in the comments below. 













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Yup – still singing


10 of 12 in ‘The Spring 21’ series

Wet roads glisten in sunshine

fresh from the rain

as I sit here gazing

from my window again

Very little here passing

lock-down in full swing

but there’s full colour highlight

born of the Spring

The yellow forsythia

is quite lovely to see

from here at my window

as it brings home to me

that despite all the changes

Covid-19 is bringing

there is nothing to stop

the world from still singing


Photo – Jempics

First published as ‘Still Singing‘ in April 2020; rewritten April 2021

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Rise Up – #poetry of a #faerie – #NaPoWriMo

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

Wings so golden
Gossamer strands
Hair of white
With the palest hands

She hides from sight
So they cannot see
Behind tall reeds
Shroud in mystery

A fae like no other
Floral crown on her head
Unspoken beauty
On a lush verdant bed

Eyes looking down
As tears flow from within
She can’t catch her breath
Her mind, in a spin

How could they leave her?
This fragile little sprite
Who can she cling to?
There’s no one in sight

Saddened by betrayal
She weeps, silently, and still
Gathers herself, defiantly
Born with a stronger will

Knowing now, what she must do
To forget this horrid pain
She’ll stretch out her wings, take to the sky
And rise up, once again!

©2021 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Image by Ermal Tahiri from Pixabay

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