Falling Softly (collab)

Secret Thoughts Within

By Jared Winchester and Bree Leto
Image animation by Jared Winchester

I’ll write on pages in blue fading black,
rip off my white angel wings for you.
I told God I felt lust so I am damned,
I will fall but I’ll have you to me soothe.


I’ve forsaken all else and my celestial light
to be with you and to never be alone.
I have not lost something you can’t replace;
behold my allegiance I give a throne.


I will etch you onto the pages of my soul
watch you breathe life into me again.
You’ll scratch into our hearts a united chorus
so the both of us will always reign.


My words are now transgressions
I confess it is scripture in my soul
that we both will be lost as well
as have for us a life we can control.


Writing on these pages…

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