Clarity 💋


Written By Nichole Sulpizio ❤

Written In All My Truths 💋

Pushed to the limit

Ulitmate test

She struggling at best

With the darkness

Bestowed upon her

Wallowing in the haunted shadows

That frighten her

Lost control

Where is the clarity

Blinded by his passion

Her body yearns for his touch

Like a poison you drink

Knowing the demise

Screaming to him



For him to listen

But her voice muffled

In all her confusion

He listens to his own beat

The drum in his head



As if to say

Run away

The other don’t let go

Get her

In the midst they lie

Naked in there empty beds



Tossing and turning

By the torment

Not exploring the possibilities

Of friends becoming lovers

The covers silent

Instead of the growing moans



She screams louder

Falling upon deaf ears

While he masks his pain

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Big Sur, a-dreaming…


Big Surf a-dreaming…

A un-mark road with a small sign will lead you to a hidden beach on Highway 2.

A small path will lead you to paradise,

a beach not safe for swimming.

But climbing into the rocks. Being one with the sea..

The waves will dance around you and you can sit and write.

The view has no equal for the eyes to see.

Pfiefer Beach is a  nudist beach.

Famous for beautiful and sexy people.

But the sea will steal the hunger from your eyes

to view the beauty of the naked young women on the sand..

I wish to drink wine at the River Inn.

Listen to the music and hear the voices of the Poets and musicians.

I was crazy then, not so crazy today.

I remember when me and my friend chasing the poor people off Pfiefer Beach.

We were full of vodka and hate.

Told the world…

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In Monterey..


In Monterey

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"We can try to escape. Sooner or later the memory will catch up with us."    

    In Monterey…

I called you to tell you I was all right and 

I don’t remember losing you so much here.

The winter days of Michigan made me sad.

Here in Monterey I never get cold and the sun appears everyday.

I go to the ocean and

I listen to the sea lions cry.

I don’t feel so lonely.

I will stay in California.

The pain is less.

I can’t promise to forget you.

But I’m okay.

I’m safe from the hunger to hold and touch you.

The cold of Michigan winter brings me back to your memory.

The 3000 miles will protect me and

I wonder do you miss me?

The man who tried to make you laugh,

the man who tried to love you.

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The Pacific ocean


The Pacific ocean

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Poem eleven for April, the poetry month."       

                                                      The Pacific ocean…

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The half-drunk poet told the pretty gal in the Irish tavern in Austin, Texas. I had a sweet love once and she is waiting for me still. She made me flirt with madness and she made my weary mind see everything beautiful and sweet again. We danced in the great storms of Winter and she taught me. I was more than I was.

She was a noble beauty who awoken my sleeping heart. She rescue me from my self-pity. Her charm stole my heart and she demanded only my attention with morning walks near her and my reading midnight poetry to…

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Me and you,

we found the holy ground of nature,

in the field of the wildflowers,

we swam in the beauty of her grace.

She blessed us with her caress.

I told you.

You make the wildflowers more beautiful and wonderful.

We sat,

allowing the scent of the wildflowers to surround us,

making us know.

Nature’s gifts are near us and a blessing for us..

Dancing Coyote

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So I Remember


My junk drawer
takes up space
in my heart

full of memories
some like the 
wrist watch

tucked away
beeping for a time
long since past

with the batteries
drained of energy
no longer on the run

fortune cookie messages
and changes that come
knotted in string 

tied round my finger
so I remember
what I gave away

©Heather Carr-Rowe

NaPoWriMo Day 10 – First, find a song with which you are familiar…Next, rifle through the objects in your junk drawer. Write notes on both of these. Now, bring your two pages of notes together and write a poem that weaves together your ideas and observations from both pages. – I just couldn’t keep it to one song…

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A Poet’s Lament

Do NOT Miss reading this from Walt!!

Walt's Writings

A Poet’s Lament

I love writing poetry
always have
but lately it’s been harder
harder to write
harder to come up with ideas

I’m always tired
tired of chronic pain
tired of taking so many medications
tired of not sleeping well
tired of feeling and being weak
tired of not being able to do
things I used to be able to do
tired of not driving
tired of not being able
to stand up straight
tired of not playing drums anymore
tired of losing my hearing
and my aging eyesight

but even with all these problems
I keep going
I’ll never quit or give up

I may slow down a lot
but I will keep going
until I take my last breath

~The Tennessee Poet~
©Walt Page 2021 All Rights Reserved

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