Molly Malone said…


Molly Malone said.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Just words"                 

           Molly Malone said…

“Sweet mistress Malone”

I caught the dengue fever in South America in 1993. Bad food and tropical weather did me in. They send me to the England shores to heal. I remember seeing the ivory coast of England and drinking whiskey in Dover waiting for the bus to London.

I fell in love with London, bright lights and friendly people. I found the nearest Pub in the business district.  I drank from noon to six pm. I roamed to Hyde park and I read poetry to a old lady and high school kids with nothing to do. Nightfall came and I sat alone. I brought out my Jack Daniel whiskey and I drank from the bottle. I was feeling sorry for my self…

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