Love is love


  Love is love…

A noble beauty read her poetry at the Austin, Texas yearly poetry reading. Jessica was disappointed with her life and she read her words to us.

“I weaved a page with just words upon the paper.

The folly of life had turned my mind to madness.

I love someone, who I should not.

Blind world does not understand.

You can’t stop love and when we drink in the kiss,

the holy embrace.Faithful heart can fall to never-ending dreams and hope.

We can shed our clothing,

we can scream toward the moon.

We can be bare-naked in the melancholy of love and never allow true emotions to be found or felt.

Do we control love?

Forlorn love leave us feeling helpless and alone.

Should I be brave in the company of love?”

We clapped our hands for her and she returned to her seat. I went to…

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