Broken Soulmates (Sestina)

Come and Enjoy This – and learn a new poetic format too!!!

Secret Thoughts Within

I recently wrote three different Sestinas after a conversation with ‘Vishal Dominic’, a very talent writer. I wrote two traditionally and for the other, I broken the rules a bit. I will be honest and say that I struggle a lot with iambic pentameter, so I have been kind to myself in that area and focused on syllable count instead. I found writing a sestina a cross between a Shakespearian Sonnet and a Traditional Ode (after the form of John Keats). They can be difficult to read, so please enjoy the form for it’s own sake and well done if you manage to get to the bottom; I’ll explain the form structure in detail there. Mine’s not perfect, but I gave it a go. Thank you Vishal for the creative push.

You tell me to come and listen,
Your eyes reveal you need all your courage
As there is…

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