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DidiArtist, 09.04.2021

Note: “Silent Post” is a game in which one whispers a word to another person, this person has to forward this word to his neigbhour, also whispering that others may not hear it – and when many people join this game, the last person has to tell this word openly. So you can imagine that the word in the round has changed totally at the end of the game…

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Love is love


  Love is love…

A noble beauty read her poetry at the Austin, Texas yearly poetry reading. Jessica was disappointed with her life and she read her words to us.

“I weaved a page with just words upon the paper.

The folly of life had turned my mind to madness.

I love someone, who I should not.

Blind world does not understand.

You can’t stop love and when we drink in the kiss,

the holy embrace.Faithful heart can fall to never-ending dreams and hope.

We can shed our clothing,

we can scream toward the moon.

We can be bare-naked in the melancholy of love and never allow true emotions to be found or felt.

Do we control love?

Forlorn love leave us feeling helpless and alone.

Should I be brave in the company of love?”

We clapped our hands for her and she returned to her seat. I went to…

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Molly Malone said…


Molly Malone said.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Just words"                 

           Molly Malone said…

“Sweet mistress Malone”

I caught the dengue fever in South America in 1993. Bad food and tropical weather did me in. They send me to the England shores to heal. I remember seeing the ivory coast of England and drinking whiskey in Dover waiting for the bus to London.

I fell in love with London, bright lights and friendly people. I found the nearest Pub in the business district.  I drank from noon to six pm. I roamed to Hyde park and I read poetry to a old lady and high school kids with nothing to do. Nightfall came and I sat alone. I brought out my Jack Daniel whiskey and I drank from the bottle. I was feeling sorry for my self…

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Source of Inspiration

Today all of Brazil
dances the Samba.
Streets are filled
with dancers in costumes
that cost more than a year’s salary
and barely covers any
part but the head.

New Orleans mirrors
Rio de Janeiro with parades
balls, drinking and doubloons.

In both cities there
is great poverty.
People die by the thousands in Rio
as rain washes away
shanties made of
garbage bags and tears.

I think of all the money spent these
days just prior to Lent
when people have one last fling
before the 40 days begin.

I wonder that people cannot see
the arrogant, uncaring foolishness of
Carnival when nearby a
child dies of hunger
another because there is no money
for medicine she needs, and
families huddle cold, wet and desperate
listening to the laughter of fools
dancing in the streets.

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