Calling All Superheroes for an Unexpected Friday Adventure – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk

Certain Fridays have a greater significance than others, and this Friday calls for celebration. I can’t describe today’s importance. On the surface, nothing has changed, and yet, nothing is the same. Last night I worked late. Midnight arrived, and I didn’t stop. At 1 am. the world changed. Perhaps my perspective shifted, or the planets moved into more auspicious conjunctions, or maybe my long lost, single-minded, productivity-demanding muse whispered long-forgotten secrets in my ear.

It doesn’t matter who or what perpetrated the shift or why they chose today to finally flip the switch. I’m grinning like a fool, beyond excited, and I’m ready to double down on my goals, which yesterday seemed impossible to achieve. This morning I donned my superhero cape, tuned up my X-ray vision, and took my superhuman strength for a test drive. All systems are operating on pumped up, Give-her-all she’s-got-Scotty overdrive mode, and we are…

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