Wrong Sex

I Write Her

with shame i hide
within the norms of society
disguising, even to myself,
my true desires

our friendship turning romantic
confuses me further
your charisma enchanting me
your song lifting my spirits

what a mind
smart, decisive and creative
your care and concern
envelops me decisively

the air around you light
smoothing these edges of mine
adjusting my rough attitude

my mother loves you
as do i
but can this love sustain
with this private dilemma

i think i desire men

This is in response to Val’s request for poetry for National Poetry Month Scavenger Hunt aka NPM 21. The piece above is about a lost love.

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I remembered dear Andrea. A lovely Michigan gal, once was kind to my young heart. I wrote into a notebook.

“Time has pass us by,

old wounds don’t hurt so badly.

Old sorrow had become the poet’s wealth.”

I am drinking wine alone in Paris, the city of love, the city of lights.  I told the Paris moon, forsaken love. Leave us dreaming of things gone. I sprinkle more words to the notebook.

“I wish upon the rising moon.

Forget me not beautiful Andrea.

Once you made me smiled andwe danced. And you told me.

You were my only gal.

Now just promises made, never kept.”

Tonight I am listening to the French songs in Paris and I wished we attempted love. I remembered I returned to Michigan in 1978 and your father told me. You left and never returned. I wrote a note, I gave to your kind…

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Don’t explain dear lover.


  Don’t explain dear lover…

He waited for a miracle and he wrote upon a blank sheet of paper.

“I found a miracle,

I have found you again.

I told you yesterday.

I want to fall in love again.

I told you today.

I want to fall in love tonight.

If we are true? Or just playing the liar’s dance.

I am willing to dance in the light, I am willing to dance in the darkness with you.”

I heard her singing softly in the bathroom and I waited with a impatience heart to see her. I know she was my wonder, my miracle. She have tempted my heart, she have tempted my mind and the movement of you body. Make the calm and sleeping man want know slow dancing in the dark and to hear her whisper. I love you only my dearest lover.

She come from the bathroom, walked…

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If I was the king of the forest…


IF I was the king of the forest.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Old memories and old dreams."         

              If I was the King of the Forest….

American Soldiers drinking with boisterous and loud German women and men in a guesthouse.
Celebrating the May festival in Stuttgart in 1978.

Drinking the cognac and good beer.
One of the German men yelled “A toast and a song.”
He ordered a round of cognac for the table.

He raised his cup and spoke. “To peace and no more war.”
He begin to sing. ” If I was the King of the forest. I would have only friends. I would have no hunger and the people would dance and celebrate being alive.
Guns would be forgotten. War would because a myth.
If I was the king of the forest. People would not live with fear. All races and religion would be content.

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Broke bones, unkempt promises..


Broken bones, unkempt promises

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"This poem had been dancing in my head for days. I hope you enjoy."   

                      Broken bones, unkempt  promises….

Fool’s dances in wishes and dreamers believe love is priceless. The only worthwhile goal of life is a kind
woman making a man know a lifetime of love. The man will vault into love without fear, knowing he had found safe place and a kind heart.

Love can’t be contained or control.
When the heart is dead. It will not rise till the mourning in done.
Beautiful woman told the man. “No love is left, better to walk away from me.
I will brake your heart and leave your bones to rot.
Can’t raise the dead. Heart was broken by unkempt promises and secret pain that had  create a mountain
of safety.”

Young man told the girl. “There is a thin…

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