Luxury Problems


There’s a couple of things that I can’t ever live without anymore as a First Worlder, regardless of how insane that might sound to people who have it worse. When I say can’t I obviously mean ‘I really really really don’t want to‘ even though it definitely wouldn’t actually kill me, but you catch my drift.

It’s things like my dishwasher.

I will never go back to doing dishes by hand. Even though I have these slap-in-the-face-realisations that it’s horrendous to think like that while I live in a world where people have to do dishes by hand every day. Hell. In a world where people don’t even HAVE dishes. Hellll. In a world where people don’t HAVE dishes OR anything (like food) they could use them for.

Yet – I fucking hate doing dishes even in light of the terrible lives of others. So I still view it…

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