‘No’ goes a long way.


Work. Is. Crazy. This week. Well. This month. Well. This year so far.
Where normally I’d be working on one or two big bids simultaneously at most – I’m currently engaged in 5(!!) and it is taking a damn toll on my mental sanity, I feel like. Mostly because, when compared to ‘normal’…I’m doing the work of three people, all by my lonesome.

It’s moments like these…when the evening hours and weekends are no longer sacred moments of freedom, but extra opportunities for work – that I fear falling into a trap of ‘giving too much’ for too little reward. You see, the thing about working really really really hard is that people will generally treat it like it’s normal, unless you get some amazing rave results. So the more you work, the more you pile on, the more you do? The more people will start expecting you to pull…

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