Love Poems- Words from Heart

“Forget the umbrella, let’s chose to be insane,
Because lovers like us, make magic dancing in the rain” ~Roy~


Amidst  the twinkling glow of  city lights, on the sidewalk we stand in the rain,
Your  heart shaped umbrella being our romantic cover, as for the first time we embrace.

Shivers  run up my spine, as you slowly wrap your arms around me,
I’m soaked and trembling against your chest, when a sudden idea hits me.

“Would you like to get wet in the rain, Mr magician?”, I innocently ask,
“Or will your powers dissipate in this shower?”, I sweetly tease and laugh.

You gaze at the mischief in my eyes, and pretend to consider every word,
“maybe you should find it out for yourself, madam Enchantress  ”, you say, as the umbrella flies away like a bird.

We look into each other’s eyes, fire stirring, sparks crackling between us,

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❤️ Umbrella: part 2 ❤️


From the magicians point of view!


The rain continues to fall in the streets, and we’re standing in the middle of the busy traffic. City lights are romantic and car horns resemble music, and we are wrapped in the warmth of our magic. I pull you closer and you’re shaking, I whisper “Are you afraid of me?” You look at me with the most beautifulest smile, and say “I have no reason to be.”

How did you manage to hypnotize me, it was you I actually had on the brain. So I ask what can I call you, you stroke my cheek and whisper in my ear “What’s in a name?” I laugh and raise my umbrella in the air, we watch it magically unfurl. What we have on the streets is two lovers in love, falling in love in a Dreamworld.

I gently hand you my umbrella, and…

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Incremental Poetry ~ 74 Lines

Dark Side of the Moon

Nothing New

There really is nothing new
under the sun

the things we do for fun
walking on the beach
hand in hand
kicking up the sand
looking for shells
sensing new smells
visiting the bakery
when the ‘hot now’ light is on
when the day is gone
curling up together
in each other’s arms
feeling safe and secure
though not always sure
about tomorrow
giving no thought
having no care
daring to dare
and wish
and dream
and hope
we live to breathe
we breathe to live
we often give
out of our nothingness

cherish the light
flee from the fright
that would paralyze us
embrace the night
drink in the day
let the sun warm us
let the clouds drop their rain
let the storm rage
let the wind blow
for all we know
this could be our last day

this could be our last day
for all…

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Half A Chance (with audio)

Come Enjoy These verses and the audio recording too!!

Secret Thoughts Within

I think I could have fallen in love with you
if life had given us half a chance.
Your smile would have sustained me on dark days
and I would have kissed your scars so gently.

However, it was not to be,
life had some other plan–
you are not with me,
I am with another man
So believe me when I say,
please know these words are true–
if fate didn’t have a role to play,
I would have fallen in love with you.

I would have kissed your scars so gently
and your smile would have sustained me on dark days.
If life had given us half a chance,
I think I could have fallen in love with you.

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