I didn’t kick you to the curb!

If you have had this issue too please let WP Customer Service know. So they can appreciate the seriousness of this issue. I’ve had to contact them four times on this issue.. Let them know!

Cyranny's Cove


Dear Lovelies,

It is not the first time I experience this, but this time it seems to have affected more people, so I thought I should speak up.

Cheryl (also know as The Bag Lady) is most certainly my most loyal reader. Not only because she’s had her VIP chair in The Cove since the very begining of my blogging journey, but because on numerous occasions, she had to re-follow me, after being removed from my followers, apparently by WordPress. It almost became a habit to get the little notice mentionning that she was now following my blog (again, and again and again)

I thought there might have been a problem with Cheryl’s phone, or maybe with her WP account.

But in the last week, I’ve had at least three other bloggers who I know for a fact read my posts on a regular basis, re-follow me.

I’ve read…

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