To Gather His Brethren – #poetry of #Easter – #NaPoWriMo

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

In the presence of a light, so pure
Rising, ablaze, setting skies afire
They kneel to He who does endure
The sins of those who, once, held him higher

As dawn does break, awakening life
His hand lay heavy upon his heart
Those he trusted, instead, brought strife
And in turn, he must now depart

Come Friday morn, the maidens cry
They know what will happen soon
For this is the day their King shall die
When skies darken through afternoon

Watching as He makes his way
Carrying the cross He bears for all
His mother weeps, on this sullen day
And once again, her son does fall

Soldiers grow tired of this man, so frail
They call upon Simon to carry the weight
As the heavy wooden beam lay a trodden trail
With Jesus following, to seal his fate

Cries from the crowd, as He hangs from the cross

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