Warrior Song (collab)

Secret Thoughts Within

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By Vintage Black and Secret Thoughts Within

A true wild heart
A fine glass of wine
With steadfast resolve
I walk all divine

Keep walking good warrior
And never look back
Those trolls, demons,
Deep love
They do lack

Honey, I’ve lived my life
I know the road you are on
I’ll share my secrets
To keep your heart strong

Lay hold of pure light
Let go of perfection
These wrinkles and lines
Are true beauty’s reflection

Keep walking good warrior
And never look back
Those trolls, demons,
Deep love
They do lack

Reckless Sons of a Dick
Will never deserve you,
Don’t play into their games
Tell them quickly “you’re through”

The fears in your mind
They won’t last too long
You’ll realise your value
And begin to rise strong

Keep walking
Good warrior
And never look back
Those trolls, demons,

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Dust in the wind- Poem for the poetry month of April.


Dust in the wind….

Was the early Winter of 1992 and I landed In California. I left home to go to war in the Spring of 1991. I was tired and I wanted the good death and I wasn’t brave enough for suicide. I saw dead men and they whispered to me. Death wasn’t so sweet and I learned. I wasn’t done yet.

I loved Monterey, California and I befriended the poets/writers and the surfers. They liked me because I would listen and I didn’t try to impress. I met a pretty artist on the pier. She allowed me to talk to her. She was ageless and so beautiful. I told her, I am tired dear Dora. She would hold my hand and she told me. I escaped my home in 1973. My war torn country became hell and a kind soldier help me escape Viet Nam. He was a…

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To Gather His Brethren – #poetry of #Easter – #NaPoWriMo

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

In the presence of a light, so pure
Rising, ablaze, setting skies afire
They kneel to He who does endure
The sins of those who, once, held him higher

As dawn does break, awakening life
His hand lay heavy upon his heart
Those he trusted, instead, brought strife
And in turn, he must now depart

Come Friday morn, the maidens cry
They know what will happen soon
For this is the day their King shall die
When skies darken through afternoon

Watching as He makes his way
Carrying the cross He bears for all
His mother weeps, on this sullen day
And once again, her son does fall

Soldiers grow tired of this man, so frail
They call upon Simon to carry the weight
As the heavy wooden beam lay a trodden trail
With Jesus following, to seal his fate

Cries from the crowd, as He hangs from the cross

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The Last Seconds

Sarah Doughty

“Sometimes, surviving is the hardest
part of living. Because I felt
my heart die with you.”

In the middle of all that chaos, my eyes locked with yours and I could see it in your eyes. That final acceptance that it was the last time we’d ever see each other again. And as I heard my name booming toward me from the distance, I knew there was no time to try to save you. Or to stay with you and say goodbye to our lives at the same time. Together. As we were always meant to be. But the choice was made for me when you turned your back and ran back into the fray, giving me those few precious seconds to get away. As much as it broke me in that moment, knowing it was your final wish for me to survive, I still hesitated. But the damage was…

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