Words Unsaid (audio poem)

My Inspired Life

A quote that offers wise counsel, enlightened guidance, sage advice.

Sometimes the best option is to remain mute –

escalating tension may fail to deliver resolution
Sometimes what appears unresponsive is just temporary restraint –

eyes closed and lips counting to ten
Sometimes the quiet is permanent–
the one who needed to speak stands above a final breath
Sometimes a silenced response is not the best choice –

words unsaid can block a heart and choke a voice

No response.

Crashing into a period (.).
On the other side
is where a void lives.
A time out?
An abrupt ending?

A forever releasing?

Going 120 miles per hour then hitting a wall,

a period (.) that ends it all,

can be jarring,
leaving the mind and body reeling.

Hard to hold back the words
while a body is falling forward –

trying to balance on the tiny dot,

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