He Bulldozed His Way Through Life

Never Silence the Madness

He bulldozed his way through life

Never a care about anyone else

Leaving broken hearts

Littered across the pavement

As he rode his way into the sunset


You would think that he would look back

At least one last goodbye

The tattered sheets he gave his love to

a sliver of warmth to the fragments he left behind 


I couldn’t see his face

But I imagined … or at least I hoped

that he had a solitary tear


That he held his head high

But he was broken inside


I couldn’t hear him any longer

But I imagined … or at least I hoped

that his lip quivered a little

Maybe his own heart let out a whimper


Because you cannot runaway from all the broken hearts

Without breaking a little of your own in return


Theimpetuous way he lived his life 


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