Resolutionizing – March


We’ve survived three months of 2021 already ya’ll. Isn’t that insane?
I think it is!
Usually – the wintermonths seem to crawl by for me, with the sun gone and temperatures down…I don’t really come alive until well into April and then suddenly it’s October again. Usually. This year though – the start of the year has flown by. And with so many changes!

March has brought me DUNDUNDUN….A BOYFRIEND!
A real one, not the imaginary kind (as mentioned in this list of resolutions). And all of the happiness that comes with that ‘simple’ fact. It’s also brought me a workload that’s legit probably going to kill me over the course of April, but hey, at least I got a salary increase to soothe the pain. A little. Never enough.

But looking back: March was FLIPPING AWESOME. And I’m expecting the rest of the year to follow…

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