Knowing that you don’t know!


When things get really busy at work – I start noticing that I’m doing (even) more work than I’m usually doing by the amount of worrying and procrastinating that finds its way into my day. I wouldn’t yet call it stress, but it’s definitely something resembling the makings of it, I suppose.

I’ll suddenly find myself doing my taxes (only to find out I’m not even required to this year), because I don’t feel like doing the 500 things I should actually be doing on my list. It’s a Spongebob thing, as I once explained.

Even worse, however, is when the worrying starts. Because the more things that I SHOULD be doing and SHOULDN’T be forgetting. And the more things I have that I need to keep track of, or be knowledgeable about…the more I realize how much things I DON’T yet know. Crucial things. Things I suddenly…

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