The storm… Written in 1988.

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The storm

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Love can break you down and leave you empty and alone."    

                                The storm…

Love can be like a gentle rain and
 love can be like a thunderstorm to the heart.

A fall day in 1984. A auburn hair beauty came to my door with six wine coolers
and a smile. Requested to join me in my apartment.
She told me she broke-up with her boyfriend and needed company.

I invited her in and she removed her coat.
Showing me long  tan legs and a perfect young body.
Her short skirt left me dreaming of thing I shouldn’t have.

Sweet Jennifer had great dreams. She was going to be a designer of clothing.
She loved to dance and laugh. She was barely 19 years old.

I was not old in age. Just old in spirit. I was just tire and accepted my…

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