The red-green conundrum


Do you ever feel like a weirdo?
Cause yaknow. I do. Totally. Often. A lot of the times. Ain’t no one gonna contest that either, I know. Pretty much anyone reading this blog already knows I’m a total basket case. Nuts. Cuckoo.
‘Een tik van de molen gehad’ – is how they say it in Dutch (which pretty much comes down to being Don Quichoted by a windmill. Banged on the head a bit too hard.). And honestly – my weirdness AND awareness of said fact, I’d say, is totally one of my redeeming qualities. I’ve fully embraced the weird. Maybe a bit too much, sometimes, but eh, can’t have it all!

What brought on this confession of being crazy, you might ask next.
Well. As you all know I’m in the sweet first stages of a new relationship and as you all also know – that’s when you…

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