Vinegar and the sweet wine


Vinegar and the sweet wine….

Did I thank you my beautiful and sweet Brigitte?
I’m leaving  on  plane very soon for my real home.
You came back into my life to say goodbye.
You are sitting between my legs and
I caressed your hair as you laid your head against my chest.

I whispered “You saved my life once. Life was lost in my mind. Time became seconds
ticking away waiting for nothing. On a cold winter day. You found me alone with the whiskey
and bad thoughts.” You told me.  “Love is like vinegar and sweet wine. Love begin so sweet and
if we are not kind and gentle. Sweet wine can turn to vinegar.”

Sweet Brigitte walked softly into my life.
Walking softly on old memories.
Trying to replace pain with tender touches and soft kisses.
Time allowed our love to grow and
we spend a year in…

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Memory of music…


Memory of music.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Music allowed the rebirth of memories and faces." 

Memory of music….

Let me not fall into dreams of sadness.
Allow the awful shadows of things lost,
not to  extinguished  pleasures of memories and faces.

Young and beautiful faces,
lost in time.
Still dance in sweet dreams brought to life by  beautiful old  song.

Many lovers held with fondness and
we believed in the faith that love was to be held forever.
Still sweet dreams in set-up and hopeful dreams.

Allow me to escape from barren places.
I want to dance, sing and hold love like it was my only purpose.

Sweet and hopeful song.
Please take me back to days of rage and torment.
Where love was wild ecstasy.

I want to dance in the shadows of the moon.
Kiss my beauty’s sweet red lips and swim in her eyes.

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Far and away


 Lost in the abyss of you….

Can sleeping men sleep find peace? My mind wandered to far away places to when I was brave. My youthful heart believed in love, I believe I could do anything. 

Now love had forgotten my name and I remember a pale skin dancing beauty on the first warm day of Spring in Germany. She knew my name and she would tell me. I love you Johnnie, I do love you my Johnnie.
We would dance with the Spring flowers and we would find the sea. Drink Ambrosia wine and I held her, like she was my everything and more. Maybe I knew. Love was so sweet and so rare.

The tapestry of life can got twisted and I told the rising moon. I remember you, I remember us. You weaved me a safe place once and old age had cometh. 

Now I seek to…

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Spin the bottle…


Spin the bottle

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"The game of youth get used without our permission with old age."    

               Spin the bottle….

Old man sitting alone.
Told me. “Damn if you do, damn if you don’t. Life is like spin the bottle playing with your sister.
All you get is a kiss on the cheek.”

Today I masquerade as a free man.
My Jack Daniel warm and tasty. Leave me cold and listless.
The timeless skies had left me in Purgatory Inn waiting for no-one.
I know the big storm is a-coming.
War is near. My instinct is to leave the service.
My desire provoked me to test life and death.

I sat with a Austin beauty. Her sheer red blouse allowed me to glance upon
full and soft breasts. She asked what blessing are left?
Her long flowing red hair fell into her back.
Her short…

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Rear-end of a so-call love..


Rear-end of a so-call love.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Sometime little is better than none."

Rear-end of a so-call love.

She poured the tequila and
she told me I’m the only one.

I whispered..
To the only one I’m holding tonight.
I kissed her tequila soaks lips.

We engulfed in a laughter.
 We were just two people with only lies left.

But it doesn’t matter anyway.

We fell on the cheap motel bed and
 I held her tightly.

Our lovemaking isn’t to excite the soul.

Just to release a hunger.
Thatalways want more.

She told me I was her best and
 I whispered you were the best too.

We laughed again.

Lies are easy to speak.

Does it matter anyway?

We separate in the morning.

I don’t ask for a phone number.

Weknow where to find each other.

At the bar with the cheap liquor.

After the beer and…

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