Speak Directly, Please and Thank you

My Inspired Life

Let’s be clear, screaming is not speaking and being a bully is not being direct. Both behaviors exhibit a loss of control by a feeble-minded soul, who cannot manage him or herself, let alone exert their beliefs on someone else. Clearly presenting a logical argument, while maintaining a stable temperament, even during a disagreement, is an artform that deserves a higher platform in our world of pasteurized niceness and politically correct. Too many half-truths and attempts to appease drip from sugarcoated lips. Standing firm and delivering words that might offend is not easy to do. One must be guided by personal truth, and to be effective, a bit courteous too.

Speaking directly, with a chance of offending, does not come naturally to me, and it is no surprise when I reflect on my upbringing. My midwestern grandma served up agreement with her homemade apple pie and my southern grandma…

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