The word man- Written a long time ago.


The word man.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Need people to desire peace before we cross a line of no return."

(Johnnie in Monterey- 1992)

Many years ago. In 1991 to 1993. I would read my poetry on the coastline of California.  I had some fans too. Old woman and young girls. They called me the word man. I carry a book of poetry and wrote on the beaches and the nearby mountains. I met many word men and women. Many musicians and surfers hung with us. We had  a lot of beer and liquor.  Best days were in Big Surf. Sharing music and the word. Need more word men and women. Good to listen and learn. Leonard Cohen and Dylan are the first word men for me.  I found many more when I search into the past. Art, word and music is needed. Utopia was forgotten and lost…

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A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"We look in many places for what we need and want. Most times what we need is in front of our face."


There are many way to live the old Apache told me.
“Can swim in shit or learn from the mistakes and rise up in a better place.
We hope and wish for things we cannot have. I don’t know. Is it wrong to ask for more?
I believe never ask for less. Better to reach for the moon and the sun than swim in the
sewers of life.”

Pretty woman laid with me on a soft sleeping bag.
Her eyes hazel green looked like dancing stars.
She told me. “I like when you speak freely. I want to know and feel your desires.
I want us free and wild. Real gifts of love hide no secrets. Two people without

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Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Swirling – March 25, 2021

Come and Enjoy this from Anita

Anita Dawes and Jaye Marie

The wonder of water never ceases to amaze.

Throw a pebble in a pond, watch the ripples spread,

In perfect concentric circles, a picture of Atlantis in water

I imagine the space between, as land. For a moment,

my mind can travel where the body never can.

For the lack of a time machine, I throw a coin in a wishing well

Wait for that wonderful sound as it hits the water below.

The wonder of a tidal bore, the water running backwards.

Sheer magic.

I could go on for ever about the wonders of water

my favourite pastime is swimming.

I love floating in water

One of the best ways to destress

To free the mind…

© Anita Dawes 2021

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Stream Of Consciousnesses Saturday- Run

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Linda is the host of Stream Of Consciousnesses Saturday

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “run.” Use it as a noun, a verb, use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!


My thoughts run away from me

I start thinking about something

And my brain hops, skips and jumps

On a variety of thoughts, ending in a place

Where I cannot for the life of me, trace the connection

To my original thought!

Researchers say it’s monkey brain

It jumps from topic to topic

It always keeps me guessing!




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Writer’s Quotes Wednesday’s Challenge # 17 – Leisure

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Marsha is the host of WQWWC

This week our topic forWriter’s Quotes Wednesday’s Challenge#17 is Leisure. Check out my page for more information.

To participate, find a quote about leisure, write a post, put a link to this post somewhere in your post. It doesn’t hurt to leave me a link in the comment section either because sometimes I don’t get notification about your post.

#WQWWC LogoWriter’s Quotes Wednesdays Writing Challenge Logo

“To be really happy and really safe, one ought to have at least two or three hobbies, and they must all be real


I agree with this wholeheartedly. I have seen many people boredto tears because they don’t know what to do with their time once they are retired or have more of it on their hands.

“Blogging is to writing what extreme sports are to athletics: more free-form, more accident-prone, less…

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Tale Weaver – #320 – Time For Change – 25th March

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Michael is the host of Tale Weaver

This week the topic is Time For Change.


Nothing stays the same forever

Change is something we should always expect

And accept because it’s futile to resist

But some changes take a lot of time to become acceptable

Our head knows they are real, but our heart resists

Still, change is a sign of life, a way forward


My best wishes for Michael in his new ventures.



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Prolific Pulse Press – Heart Beats Anthology has published!!

I Write Her

“Heart Beats is an anthology of poetry about the various aspects of what makes us tick or makes a heart-beat. This is about love, life, happiness, anything that makes life more joyful or tolerable. Let’s face it. These are tough times and there have been many events in 2020 which have many of us shaking our heads. People who were once friends have gone their separate ways. Some are soul searching, examining life more closely as time has leant more for this. Heart Beats is about working through and maybe even overcoming these challenges. It is about what brings smiles to our faces or, at least, in our hearts. Heart Beats is about life’s ups and downs and in-between, and how different points of view merge into one beautiful collection of poetic works. Inviting poets from the world to take part made…

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One Dog (Sasha) – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


Photo: Sasha, our beloved and unforgettable Dalmatian (she died six years ago).

“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.” Orhan Pamuk

One Dog (Sasha)

We shared a language of love, none of it 
written, except deep in our being, and 
we knew our joys and disappointments, 
miscued expectations held in tension,
and those sad eyed looks accompanying 
disrupted routines, or the sense of betrayal
when visiting the vet; 
you hid from the thunder in out of way 
places and pined when we journeyed
without you, you pulled us on walks
and ran like a teen, even in your dotage,
you weathered the pain of ageing until
you lay down to rest;
but it's never just the stories or fun,
you are part of the family flesh a 
companion ever held in our circle of love.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

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