The lady in the black dress…

Come enjoy John’s post and the song too!


The lady in the black dress….

Dancing alone in a downtown Austin tavern with my empty Black Velvet whiskey bottle in my hands. Playing alone in the bone yard of long and shattered days. Hope dead and buried. Dead and bury heart tempt the devil and she came.

Pretty lady with eyes of river blue, tight black dress showing tan perfect legs came to me. She wrapped her arms around me and she whispered. “Dear Johnnie, you told me in the taunts of the long night. You loved me, you needed me and that I was your mercy and was the place you needed to adrift into.”

Drunk Poet looked at her. He saw a hurricane, free and wild. Never to be owned or be controlled. Her auburn hair down to her waist line and perfect body outlay to tempt the his weakness and will. He told her.  “Dear Jenny…

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