Poetry Published in the International Writer’s Journal Year 2 No 1/2021 (January-March 2021)

Megha's World

I’m thrilled to see my poem published in the International Writer’s Journal Year 2 No 1 . I’m really thankful to the editors David Paul Vnuck and Muguras Maria Vnuck for supporting my work. Also, to Padmaja Iyengar-Paddy as an editorial counselor (India) for the magazine.

This current Issue features the writers from 33 countries around the world. I’m proud to see my poem “My Survival Story”, Winner of the State Level NJ Dara Axelrod 2020 Mental Health Poetry Contest on Page 40.

In words of the editors

Our mission will be to seek out for publication new and existing writers from around the globe and to publish them in a public forum for all readers. We shall also offer literary translation services. We look forward to continued cooperation with our current contributors as well as new faces whom we shall be glad to meet in the future. You can…

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