The 2021 Daily Writing Challenge – March 24

Jo Hawk


Some days, despite your best efforts, nothing feels like it is going in the right direction. Pushing your team, encouraging them to keep up the outstanding work, and assuring them we will meet our targeted completion date is exhausting. It’s even worse when you doubt your team’s ability to live up to your expectations, but you can’t allow them to see your concern or smell your fear. There are so many variables. Will they cave from the pressure? Can they rise to the challenge? Have you covered all contingencies, properly accessed the unknowns, and mitigated suspected risks? Lists, details, the big picture, the outcome, and the project’s success or failure rests on one person’s shoulders. No pressure here.

No matter the challenges and the obstacles blocking my way, I maintain the item at the top of my list as a non-negotiable. Yesterday I wrote 552 (countable) words.

Did you write…

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