Reactions to Trauma Part 3

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Ways in which trauma affects people

Some of the most common reactions to trauma are listed here and few we will discuss in tomorrow’s post. These reactions are often linked to one another, one may lead to another. It is not your fault if you are experiencing (or not experiencing) any of these.

  • Strong feelings and emotions – As well as anxiety, trauma can expose us to many strong emotions. All of these are common :
    – Anger and Irritability – especially if you are stressed and not getting enough sleep.
    – Guilt and Shame – People often blame themselves for things did or didn’t;t do, or feel judged by others.
    – Grief and Depression – You might be grieving for what you lost or feeling sadness about how your world has changed.

What can I do to help someone who has experienced trauma?

There is a lot you can…

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