Daily Dose for the Soul

Be Inspired..!!

How does the universal all-creating field of intention look at life?

The field of intention, which is responsible for all creation, is constantly giving, in fact, it knows no bounds to its giving. It just keeps on converting pure formless spirit into a myriad of martial forms. Furthermore, this field of intention gives in unlimited supplies. There is no such concept as shortage or scarcity when it comes to the originating Source. So we’re looking at two major conceptualisations when we think of the universal mind’s natural abundance. The first is that it’s perpetually giving, and the second is that it offers an infinite supply.

The power of intention is perpetually giving and infinite, so it seems obvious that you’ll need to adopt these same two attributes if you’re to fulfil your own personal intention to live successfully and attract abundance into your life. What should your message back to…

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