All is a Miracle.


    All is a miracle.
    The stupendous order of nature
    the revolution of a hundred millions of worlds
    around a million of stars
    the activity of light
    the life of all animals
    all are grand and perpetual miracles.

    • Francois Voltaire

            Text and image source: The birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees

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            First Real Time

            Dragonfly Poetry

            Skin soaked reminiscing 
            we sit here looking
            face to face
            and for the first real time
            eyes are locked
            balancing between
            this need of ours.

            The pulse quickens
            I cannot erase
            these feelings
            the warm sun
            our treasures source
            you undresses
            curled now in the dunes.

            With nothing more
            than the jealous rays
            you invite me closer
            of course I lay
            in the arms
            of a sun-drenched girl
            maybe this is love.

            I whisper questions
            she likes how it feels
            wanting me to continue.
            I grab a fistful
            we walk through the garden
            and for the first real time
            she swears.

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