Reactions to Trauma Part 2

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Ways in which trauma affects people

Some of the most common reactions to trauma are listed here and few we will discuss in tomorrow’s post. These reactions are often linked to one another, one may lead to another. It is not your fault if you are experiencing (or not experiencing) any of these.

  • Increased Arousal (“hyper-arousal”) – Fear and anxiety are natural (and helpful) responses to dangerous situations. These feelings often last for a long time after the trauma is over. You might find that reminders of the trauma trigger feelings of anxiety, or it might feel as though anxiety occurs out of the blue. You might feel jumpy, jittery, or find it hard to concentrate. Your sleep may be affected leaving you exhausted and restlessness. Physically you might feel nauseous, fatigued, have headaches, or your appetite might be affected.
  • Avoidance – Avoidance is a normal human way of managing…

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