Happy First Day of Spring — Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


Spring is here, Spring is here, Spring is here. Can you tell how excited I am? Winter may try to remind us of his fury, but Mother Nature will ensure that he does no more damage than a tempest in a teapot. Already the first golden jewels have appeared. Capture those images quickly, for soon, they will deepen and transform into every shade of green. Sap runs in my Maple trees and colors the tips of their branches with a deep burgundy glow. The buds have softened in the sun’s warmth, and they stir, ready for a long uncurling stretch like a cat waking from her nap.

Green speckles erupt in my garden’s dirt. Crocus and tulips hear the call and push back the covers from their deep slumber. It is time to grow and bloom. I sense what was almost imperceptible a few days ago, and I cannot resist…

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