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I am in the Fall of a life. Death whispered in my ears now. Old heart and my tire soul seem to need and want less. Maybe I have given-in, given-up. Once I had everything. Had long Summer days, I had the sea and I tempted love.

I read Salinger and Hemingway now.  I am seeking Salinger silence and learning Hemingway thoughts. Salinger saw death and war, he sought private place. He couldn’t hide from the violence and blood. He taught me. Write for yourself. Hemingway taught me. Great words are rarely appreciated. Live hard and don’t complain.

Yesterday when I was young and  fearless. I consumed life and today. The old man sits at Lake St. Clair. Observe life and hold on to his last breathe for his grandchildren.

I wonder if I did more, if I did less? Maybe.

I would know more kindness and less anger…

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Kim V. Poetry

My every fantasy, made real, by your fingertips.

Warmth radiating from my core.

The flames are too hot,

But the pain of it is too cold.

Is this desire?

I can see the diamonds begin to glitter, in the dusky rose sky, through my window.

The day is turning to night right before my eyes.

I look back at it and the image of you kneeling, looking up at me, with those eyes,

Is seared into my brain.

Is this lust?

Your dark voice trails down my flesh,

Like whispers through the evening trees.

Goosebumps erupt along my skin, and

Butterflies fly in frenzied chaos in my belly, when you breathe me in.

Is this love?

Wild and ferocious,

Your soft touches roam all over uncharted planes.

I lift up your chin, to kiss your practiced mouth.

Your tongue tastes like sweet peaches in the summer heat, warm and delicious.

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Obscure Thoughts ~ #poetry

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos


Without a sound
A silent din
Ringing loudly
Drowning me
In obscure thoughts


Between reality
And imagination
Torn between
Here and then
With no ground
On which to plant my feet

I float

In an aura
Of uninspiring glow
Quickly fading
Into darkness
Ebony night
Pale against my skin
The moon
Sheds no light


I seek it
Dare to emerge
Eyes open
Only to be blinded
By ignorance, arrogance
And the loss of humanity

©2021 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

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End Of Everything

Sarah Doughty

“I wonder how I managed to find you.
How all the pieces of the puzzle
that was made of us came together.”

At the ending of everything, I often wonder what would have happened if there was a continuation. I wonder what the trees would whisper late into the night when the moon hits its apex. I wonder what the rain would wash away if it only kept going for another day. I wonder how I managed to find you. At that moment. In that room. How all the pieces fell into place like they were pieces of a puzzle that was made of us. And sometimes, I wonder if this constant state of feeling like I’m at the edge of oblivion will finally come to an end. Would that deep abyss cease to exist? Or would I be able to tell my feet to slowly back away from the…

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