Viking Warrior

My Inspired Life

A Viking Warrior Princess!

How could that be?

Postulate, they did,
why She would be laid to rest
with weapons belonging

to a Viking Military Leader –
arrows, an axe, a spear,

a shield, two horses, a sword,

a knife, a military game board…

The same items that had
previously confirmed
the identity of a mighty man
who became a high-ranking woman

when the tools of their trade

revealed details of a warrior story
the experts were reluctant to tell.

Continuing my midweek sharing and celebrating of women during the National Women’s History Month, this poem, “Viking Warrior,” is included in my “empowered” Being a Woman – Becoming Collection (book link page). If you are interested in learning more about the Viking Warrior Woman featured in this poem, check out the links below. Thanks for visiting and reading. I will return Saturday with a spring-inspired post. 🌷…

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