Kittastic Boobytraps


Boy, how I have missed cat-wisdom in my life. Because, regardless of the fact that they tend to sleep a solid 18 hours a day, preferably perched somewhere that they’re not supposed to, cats (to me) have always been a source of inspiration and lifehacks. But now that I find myself in a cat-inhabited house again every now and then, the wisdom is already pouring over my parched smart-pores again.

Today’s lesson? Boobytraps. Or, since the cat in question is named Bibi – Bibitraps.
You see – Bibi, in all her cuteness, has a preference for lounging on the stairs in this house. More specifically: Bibi likes to lounge on the topmost step of these stairs. Stairs that have a dark blue carpet on them, which perfectly camouflages her darkbrownandblack spottiness in the shadow of the top of the stairs. Plus, since she’s not a large cat, she’s barely even…

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