How to Stay Happy

Be Inspired..!!

Happiness is your birth right, it is your natural state of being, it is the essence of living, it is what we were born to do. Stay Happy. But then there are rainy days, not the ones which encourage umbrella and raincoats, but the downs in life. The heavy rains of life can fall suddenly and pour incessantly for long periods of time and for too many reasons to list here. But let’s focus on being happy on such a rainy day, shall we? So what do we do about it? Here is a list of things you could do stay balanced in life everyday and even on those bad days. 

  1. Express Gratitude > Thank someone and be appreciate towards your colleagues, every single day.
  2.  Give > Give something to another person or make it possible for others to offer gifts.
  3. Help > Help someone who is in need of…

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