Happy St. Patrick’s Day – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


I love St. Patrick’s Day, and I really missed the celebrations last year, and sadly I must miss them again this season. The long-standing Chicago tradition of dying the river green was a no-go in 2020, and a late “Oh, ok, do it then” from the Mayor was disappointing. Still, they killed the parades, nixed gathering, stopped pub crawls, and canceled fun. The cancelation of the annual events, my harbinger of Spring, has left me searching for signs of Blarney Green.

That was what attracted me to today’s quote. I could become a magical leprechaun. Pots of gold exist, and granting other people’s wishes is easier than you could imagine. A kind word can often change the trajectory of someone’s day. A simple act of kindness can have an enormous impact. Holding a door open for a frazzled mother or an older person might be the best human interaction they…

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