Listen, think and speak


Listen, think, speak

Grandfather told me often. Take two to fight and take one not to fight. If the aggressor had no-one to fight. Maybe we can learn peace.

Grandma told me often. Honey and sugar, gentle voices lead to calm and happiness. Anger and loud voices lead to regret and disappointment.

I told the young man. Pretty face don’t mean pretty heart. Seek someone who is wonderful and kind in heart and soul. Who, you can love forever.

My grandfather told me. Never tell a lie. One lie can expand to a running river of more lies, till one day. You won’t know the truth from a lie.
My grandfather told me often. If a man’s words are worthless. He cannot be trusted. Your words are your backbone and all you got. A man’s words should be his legacy of a worthwhile life.

Every promise made should be accomplished…

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A million years..


A thousand years

You came to me in my sweet dreams again and
you were dancing in your white Summer dress by the lake.

I watched your beautiful face smiling and you were singing to the afternoon sun. I stood-up and I joined you in the dance of laughter and joy.

I whispered to your wanting ears. I would risk everything for you and
I live and die in your embrace.
You are my Summer sweet wine and perfect place.

You told me. My Gypsy man, can’t hold the wind and cannot make love stay.
Love must find you and love will hold you warmly in her embrace.

Dear Johnnie. You are love and I need your hands in my hands.
I will love you for a thousand years my Johnnie.

Days became nights and we held on so tightly. I believed you knew. Love is never fair. We were…

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Heart of Art

Savvy Raj

Consciously or otherwise,

whether it is…
In Steering the words that flow, toward a larger purpose.
In Channelling the ideas that spring forth
In Creating artworks with a splattering of colours

Art draws expressions from wonder
Art thrives in the heart of the being.
Art flows through in movement & solitude…

When the he(art) speaks, the artist listens
For Art is life and living an art.


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The 2021 Daily Writing Challenge – March 17

Jo Hawk


Daily demands never lessen, and when I need to do something for myself, I often shoehorn it into my schedule. I have been wanting to take a specific online class. But in the past, I didn’t register because I used faulty logic to rationalize my busy life as a valid reason to pass on the opportunity. This time they offered a significant incentive, so I paid the fee and decided I would have to make it work. Learning new skills always comes with a price, and I am paying with sleepless nights and hand cramps.

Unfortunately, some writing is better suited to pen and paper than our high-tech keyboards. This course lends itself to old-school handwritten brain dumps. So far, I have accumulated ten pages of vital information, along with some Word. Docs I haven’t yet completed. I committed to late nights, early mornings, and letting a few tasks slide…

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


I love St. Patrick’s Day, and I really missed the celebrations last year, and sadly I must miss them again this season. The long-standing Chicago tradition of dying the river green was a no-go in 2020, and a late “Oh, ok, do it then” from the Mayor was disappointing. Still, they killed the parades, nixed gathering, stopped pub crawls, and canceled fun. The cancelation of the annual events, my harbinger of Spring, has left me searching for signs of Blarney Green.

That was what attracted me to today’s quote. I could become a magical leprechaun. Pots of gold exist, and granting other people’s wishes is easier than you could imagine. A kind word can often change the trajectory of someone’s day. A simple act of kindness can have an enormous impact. Holding a door open for a frazzled mother or an older person might be the best human interaction they…

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