Write on me….


Write on me….

The California Summer nights are here and you are with me my lover.
I told the night stars. Thank you for the sacred mornings awaking with you near and the
long darkness of the night where we can lay bare and free.

I trace your skin with content hands and fingers.
Using my fingers to spread gentle lotion on long legs, perfect skin and wanting flesh.
You whisper to me. Sweet Poet, write on me. Make me a story to be never forgotten.
Make the sleeping Gods envy us and allow our love to become a eternal place for us and our memory to hold on to..

Your yearning eyes show me the perfect shade of love.
Where love can be wild and free.
In the deep midnight hours.
Two faithful hearts are finding the heat of love, where captive hearts can be safe.

                          John Castellenas/Coyote

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Last chance saloon…


 Last chance saloon….

I was the Monday night closer manager at the Purgatory Inn. I was counting the money and a pretty lady was waiting for me. I watched her roll her cigarette and I enjoyed the view of her black lingerie stocking on her long legs. Her long black hair reached down her back and I told her. 1/2 hour sweeties, do you want a drink?

She smiled and she told me. “Whiskey straight, maybe a double, maybe one or two ice cubes.” I poured three Black Velvet whiskey shots into  a regular drink glass and I dropped two ice cubes in. I went to her and I handed the drink to her. She over-reached the drink, caressed my hand. She whispered, hurry up Johnnie. Never polite to allow a girl to drink alone.  

I finished my work and her drink was empty. I brought the Black Velvet…

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