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Writing With An Open Heart

When you’re provoked,
And heartbroken numerous times,
You outgrow the need to try and understand the other side,
Or even get an apology.

So you just leave,
Even if it hurts,
It will only last for a while,
Then it gets better.

You’ll never forget the old memories,
They’ll always be a part of who you are,
So you embrace them.

You mention their names,
Even if it makes you sad and angry,
Even if you grieve the person you once were around them,
And all the future moments you’ll never have with them.

There will come a time,
You will let go,
And wish them well.

You’ve done your best,
Earned your peace,
And you start allowing it to take over.

You make room for happiness,
And gratitude.

You use that flame which used to burn you for creativity,
And all of a sudden new opportunities start coming into…

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