Daily Dose for the Soul

Be Inspired..!!

Remember, it’s the higher energy of love that can dissolve all the lower energies. When you react to low energy with more of the same, you’re not being peacefully authentic or connected to the power of intention. In the low energy, you say or think sentences like, I disrespect you for being so disrespectful. I’m angry at you for being so angry at the world. I dislike you because you’re such a braggart.

By putting your attention on what you intend to m manifest rather than on the same low energy that you encounter, you make a decision to connect to intention and bring the attributes of your universal Source to the presence of that low energy. Try to imagine Jesus of Nazareth saying to his followers, “I despise those people who despise me, and I want nothing to do with them.” Or, “It makes me so angry when people…

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