Daily Dose for the Soul

Be Inspired..!!

Identify your intention verbally and in writing, and develop a deep yearning for it

When you create a great longing for the experience of a peaceful family, everything will begin to happen to fulfil this yearning spontaneously and naturally. Rather than praying to a saint or God for a miracle, pray for the miracle of the inner awakening, which will never leave you. The awakening of this inner light, once experienced, will become your constant companion, regardless of who you are with or where you are. The dynamic force is within you. This force is felt as great joy running through your body. Ultimately, your thinking will become sublime, and your inner and outer world will become one. Yearn for this awakening to the inner light, and long for your intention to manifest.

Intend for all of your relatives what you intend for yourself

When anyone criticises, judges, acts angry…

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