Common Baking Mistakes Part 1

Be Inspired..!!

When done right, baking can be an incredibly calming and gratifying process, yielding mounds of fresh, hard-earned baked goods. However, when the baking process goes awry it can lead even the most level-headed cook to the brink of madness. After all, baking is a science and the smallest miscalculation or mistake can result in a frustrating finished product that doesn’t hit the mark or fails altogether.

Here’s how to fix common baking mishaps :

Uneven Cake
– Wrap Bake – Even strips around the pan, or make your own – cut a towel into strips, soak in water, and two around pan.
– With a clean paper towel, gently push down on the raised tip of a baked cake while still hot.

Cracked Layer Cake
– Cracks in cakes are usually caused by a too-hot oven.
– If top of cake is cracked, carefully slice it off with a serrated…

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