The 2021 Daily Writing Challenge – March 12

Jo Hawk


Interruptions seem to rule my days. I wish there were a way to expect them. But if I could plan disruptions to my schedule, would they still be annoying distractions? When you gain an enviable reputation as a critical thinker, a problem solver, a helpful person, and you perform those tasks with a smile and without judgment, needy people knock on your door. Well, nobody visits. They send texts, emails, and when things are desperate, they call you at 11:30 at night. Please solve my problem.

I’m not complaining. We must learn to be kinder with one another and help ease burdens, suffering, anxiety, and feelings of being alone. My grandmother always said many hands make light work. It’s true. Facing a challenge is easier when you have a cheering squad rooting for you, applauding your achievements, and celebrating your victories, even when they are small.

Perhaps we can arrange…

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