Let it be…


 Old man sitting alone…

Sitting on the cliffs of Pacific Grove.

You can see the Pacific ocean forever.

Miles of the beautiful and powerful sea.

               He write words into a black notebook.

Secret whispers into a book.

Words describing a grand life.

               I bring him coffee and

               he thanks me.

               He read me a poem daily.—

                          Let it be….

Human’s are twisted.
In the midst of paradise.

Our mind’s race for reasons.
Not to be content.

Let it be.

We need to be thankful.

Hold your love one’s.

Dance and celebrate being alive.

Be content.
To have the chance to love someone.

Just let it be.

Swim in paradise.
Of the good times.
We can be together.

                            Tomorrow is not a guarantee.

8 May 2009

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Forgive me….


Forgive me…

Please forgive me for what I did to you, we did to each other.

I’m sorry I escape your life and hid from your memory.

I was young,
learning to love.

Finding the many mistakes young lover’s can make.

I left you alone and swimming in tears and loneliness.

I hope all your thoughts of me are not filled with disappointment.

But filled with fond memories of two lovers learning
to touch and to love.

Even through our ending ended in silence and sadness.
We allowed the world to separate us.

You are still a beautiful face and tender memories I can’t forget.

I hope I didn’t destroy your desire to love and feel.

I hope your new beginning are filled with happiness and joy.

I hope you didn’t throw away all the love we held and gathers.

You came and said goodbye to me.
I was leaving…

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Come and Enjoy this beautiful love poem!!!



                   My love, I have found you.
                   I want to make love to you from feet to sweet lips.
                  Your brightness and sadness I need to know.
                   I want us nude, heart and mind free.
                    The hot and humid nights.
                     Allowed us to sleep with no secrets.
                      We are complete like a flowing river. 
                      I  yearn to touch your face, your breasts, your waist.
                       In the heat of the night.
                        My feet touch your feet..

 My lips touch your lips…

                         I’m yours and you are mine.

                          My lovely one.

                           You are my only sweet dream.

Your love enchanted my soul.

I kiss your feet, your knees, your stomach.

Caress your curves and whisper.

“My love.
Why are you so kind to me?”

18 Feb. 1986

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The 2021 Daily Writing Challenge – March 12

Jo Hawk


Interruptions seem to rule my days. I wish there were a way to expect them. But if I could plan disruptions to my schedule, would they still be annoying distractions? When you gain an enviable reputation as a critical thinker, a problem solver, a helpful person, and you perform those tasks with a smile and without judgment, needy people knock on your door. Well, nobody visits. They send texts, emails, and when things are desperate, they call you at 11:30 at night. Please solve my problem.

I’m not complaining. We must learn to be kinder with one another and help ease burdens, suffering, anxiety, and feelings of being alone. My grandmother always said many hands make light work. It’s true. Facing a challenge is easier when you have a cheering squad rooting for you, applauding your achievements, and celebrating your victories, even when they are small.

Perhaps we can arrange…

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Celebrate Friday Night with Your Favorite Pizza — Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


Nothing goes better with Friday than pizza. Friday night pizza is a tradition that goes back longer than I can remember. Everyone has their favorite toppings, crust thicknesses, preferred sauce, and opinions on the best pizza joint in the country. Some concoctions range from bizarre to interesting, while others tip the scale at horrifyingly disgusting. I love watching people dig in and seeing the expressions their first bite of bliss evokes. It always makes me smile.

My tastes run towards the from-scratch, homemade and simple. Forget the bells and whistles, exotic ingredients, and anything other than a fresh tomato sauce. My dough is AP flour, a little yeast, a touch of sugar, a pinch of salt, a drizzle of EVOO, and water. The dough is mixed and pressed into a thin layer. The sauce of tomatoes, seasonings, and a gurgle of more olive oil, I puree in the blender and…

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