The 2021 Daily Writing Challenge – March 11

Jo Hawk


Yesterday the temperature soared to 68 degrees, and the wind howled, gusting to 50 mph. I was determined to spend time outdoors. The yard is a mess after having a dying Colorado Blue Spruce removed. To safely remove the 40-foot-tall tree, the crew used a large cutting tool and a heavy stump grinder that shredded the lawn. I found a bush with winter storm damage that needed pruning, a cache of clattering garbage swirling in a back corner, and proof of life.

Buried beneath the mounds of melting snow, daring to peak through the soggy mucky mulch lurked the first signs of spring. My annual countdown helps me bridge the gap from the dead of winter to the promise embodied in the change of seasons. Eight days and counting. Hope lifts my spirits, and I excitedly completed my seed order, contemplated purchasing plants for a garden extension, checked last frost…

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