Subdue Chaos, Calm Your Anxiety, and Face Down Panic with Your Trusty List — Daily

Jo Hawk


Chaos ensues, mayhem reigns, the timid cower beneath their desks, and I alone face the bombardment. Ok, maybe that’s a bit overdramatic, but then again, perhaps not. While we can’t always control what happens, we can determine our response. It is almost amusing when everyone is screaming, yelling, and running around in circles from sheer panic. I choose to step back, access the facts, weigh the gravity of the situation, consider my options, consult my procedures and protocol, make a decision, and act. Or not. I learned long ago, some events will sort themselves out without my involvement, while others demand swift and decisive action.

The necessity of a quick reaction is where planning, list-making, and employing a moment to think through different scenarios to their ultimate consequence comes into play. Moments like this are why I maintain daily schedules, weekly agendas, monthly forecasts, quarterly projections, and annual goals. Working…

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