Life Hacks for Eating Healthy Part 2

Be Inspired..!!

Many of us want to eat better, but wanting and doing are two very different things. Turn those noble intentions into actions by trying out these simple life hacks designed to improve your diet and your overall health in the process.

  • Eat on plates with colours that contest sharply with the colour of your meal. This will make you more mindful of how much you are eating.
  • Make your dining area blue-hued. Blue tends to act as an appetite suppressant while red tends to whet your appetite.
  • Eat in front of a mirror. If you are scarfing down food like crazy, you will probably slow down if you can see yourself.
  • Try eating with your non dominant hand. This will probably slow down your eating pace and make you feel full faster before you eat too much.
  • Wear form fitting clothes, not loose sweatpants. Tighter clothes will make you more…

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